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Our Story


We focus on nutrients through our Organic Cold Pressed Juices. We teach our community the importance of organic foods, and we promote health through our free tools and resources to assist our community in taking back control of their health. We are saving our community and the future of our planet with one juice at a time.

We believe in the power of local and raw organic foods. Our juices are made only with natural organic ingredients, from Local Farms when possible, free of synthetic pesticides, GMO's, petroleum-based fertilizers, and free of things none of us can’t pronounce.

One of our top priorities is also the care of our planet. We minimize the use of plastic whenever possible. We have reduced the use of plastic by using paper bags as much as we can. Our labels and Paper Bottles are biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Once our bottles end up in landfills, 30% of them will biodegrade in about 3 months. 

If a bottle finds its way into a modern landfill, our bottles will convert into clean energy for our community, to assist with reducing the footprint. Together we can make an impact on our planet.


In the Summer of 2018, Paola begins to realize that her purpose in life was more than just a job. After pondering and searching for answers she realized the answer was with her. She realizes the one thing that is extremely important is family and wellbeing.

For nearly a year, she researched the power of a plant-based diet and the positive impact on our body when consumed. Along the way, she discovered harmful foods and their negative impact on our minds and body.  The most shocking part was discovering that these so-called foods are a part of our diet and sitting in our pantries.

That’s how Farm to Bottles was born. Paola and her son, a Culinary Institute of America graduate & Chef, started pressing and mixing fruits and vegetables in her kitchen. Together they created nutritious goodness Cold-Pressed juices. Since then, the purpose has been to optimize and nourish their health and community's health.